The Doctor, Doctor Jack Mackee Essay

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As a trained healthcare provider, doctors should exhibit certain qualities of professionalism and care in the work place. Being a professional is more than just diagnosing, treating, and performing procedures… It 's about making the patient feel welcome, safe, respected, and cared about. Doctors should always respect patients by listening, communicating, being honest, and not arguing with them. It’s true that patients are not always right, but it 's the patients right to have their health, bodies, and lives respected and cared for. Doctors should show empathy, listen to patient’s needs, explain procedures, answer questions, and do whatever they can to make the patient feel safe and comfortable. In the movie "The Doctor", Doctor Jack MacKee was the opposite of this. He treated all employees, customers, and patients with disrespect. It took his experiences as a patient diagnosed with cancerous laryngeal tumors in order to relate to a patient’s experiences enough to change his ways. In the beginning of the movie, Dr. MacKee’s arrogance to his patients was evident and disturbing. He would dance and sing during and following operations and he would crack demeaning and disrespectful jokes. He also never listened to thier concerns or gave them serious answers when they asked questions. One example of his carelessness was when a woman expressed her concern about her husband seeing her with a large scar on her chest, the doctor showed no empathy and responded "Tell your…

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