The Diversity Of The Calgary Erm Essay

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 In general, participants of the Symposium are satisfied with the ERM Showcase, as roughly three out of five rate it as “Excellent” (15%) or “Very good” (48%). While both buyers (64%) and suppliers (59%) rate the Showcase highly, buyers are slightly more likely to do so.

 Surveyed attendees who identified themselves as “Buyers” were instructed to name three sponsors of the event. Among the ten companies named, nine were actual sponsors of the event. Overall, Best Western (47%), WestJet (47%) and Vision Travel (41%) are the top-three sponsors with high blind recall rates.

 Most sponsoring companies received positive net impact ratings, as buyers’ opinions towards them improved as a result of their sponsorship of the Calgary ERM. WestJet, in particular, attained the highest net impact rating (+29). Though was recalled by almost one out of five attendees as a sponsor (18%), Concur Technologies, received negative net impact ratings (-12).

 Of all attendees at the 2015 GBTA Energy, Resources & Marine (ERM) Symposium, 34% are buyers and 66% are travel suppliers. Among all the surveyed attendees, 37% are buyers, 42% are suppliers, 17% report working for a travel management company, and two classify themselves as working somewhere else.

 Almost three in five attendees define their companies’ reach as global (57%), more than one-third as multi-national (35%), and eight percent as national.

 Almost one-half of attendees report being at the manager level (49%), followed…

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