The Diversity Of Diabetes Mellitus For Example Essay

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The overall Australian community is faced with many health problems and issues on a day to day basis. Diabetes mellitus for example is a treacherous one that is experienced by many, particularly those of Indigenous or Aboriginal backgrounds. However specifically as compared to the broader population the indigenous community is much more vulnerable and are more vigorously affected by this malignant tumour. The indigenous population group is most sensitive to the various health issues specifically when compared to the non-indigenous groups as statistics in relation to various health issues shows that their rates of suffering are much higher. The socioeconomic and health literacy levels of this population group are two outstanding contributing factors that add to the prevalence of the high statistical rates. The overall communities health status can be narrowed down to one fundamental factor which proves to be maliciously persistent; poor access to good quality health care. To be able to attack these issues one must be able to understand the socioeconomic and health literacy factors that are influencing these rates and how the gaps caused by them can be filled. It is also salient to be able to recognise the many different organisations and initiatives created with the purpose of addressing the health inequalities such as; Closing the Gap, Aboriginal Life!, Better Living Diabetes Program by Australian Indigenous Health info Net and many more.

To be able to fully understand the…

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