The Diversity And Socioeconomic Status Of The School And Local Community

1697 Words Sep 26th, 2016 7 Pages
Multicultural leaders are advocates for creating an environment that supports learning and works to ensure the success of all student achievements. School accountabilities have changed and are gradually improving for the better as a result of the federal government involvement and implementation of policies that include The No Child Left Behind Act. Therefore, educational leaders are now required to transition away from traditional teaching methods in providing lessons for learning to design lessons that are engaging for students from diverse multicultural backgrounds. The role of the educational leader in recent years has shifted dynamics partially due to culture shifts and educational debates that children do not learn at the same rate and do not learn with the same style of teaching methods. However, educational leaders, especially teachers are perhaps impacted the most by government mandates for schools as they are the ones interacting and meeting the educational needs as a multicultural educator. This assignment will describe the culture and socioeconomic status of the school and local community. Next, a discussion of the school 's current test scores or other methods to assess school achievement will be included. Thirdly, an assessment will be included in the school’s “ethic of care”. Fourth, I will provide an interpretation of the school’s commitment to multicultural education. Finally, as an educational leader, I will share recommendations to improve…

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