The Distinction Between Computer Science And Software Engineering

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There has been debates between students and professionals of computer science and software engineering in regards to, “Which of the two field of study is better?” Depending on who you ask, there will be an array of academic opinions and generalizations in the context of academia and industrial. That being said, the field of computer science and software engineer both have concepts that will benefit each other. In this era of technological revolution, the theories and discipline from both fields of study contributes to all advanced technologies we have today in the criminal justice system. Information technology has altered and reshaped our daily life in many positive and beneficial ways. This case study will explore the distinction between computer scientists and software engineers. The theories and applications of computer science and software engineering, also contributes to advanced developments in law enforcement and other professions.
According to Palma (2013), computer scientists are “highly trained, innovative workers with extensive theoretical expertise” (p. 56). A computer scientist designs, create and invent new technology through extensive research and scientific knowledge; in other words, they test “theories and work at the edge of the unknown” (SoftwareEngineerinsider, 2014). There are several skills and specializations that a computer scientist must possess, and that is being able to reason logically and creatively (Palma, 2013). A…

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