Newton's Law Of Motion Essay

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Newton’s law of motion is virtually in every aspect of your life. Many students complete the K-12 education system and are not educated on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). A large portion of the education system in the United States is slowly adapting to the ever changing world of science and technology. Going forward, STEM graduate workers drive our nation’s innovation and competitiveness by generating new ideas, new companies and new industries. STEM jobs are the jobs of the future, and as shown in the graph below there has been an increase in the amount of jobs related to STEM. They are essential for developing our technological innovation and global competitiveness [STEM, website]. Figure 1 shows the increasing demand of STEM vs Non-STEM related employment. There will be a great impact on society as the demand for more STEM workers grow. As shown, in the graph below, there is a projected increase in the amount of STEM employment in the United States.
Fig 1: Increase of demand of STEM jobs in 2000-2010 compared to the projected over 2008-2018. Increasing the gap difference of Non-STEM jobs [STEM, website].
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Physics generates fundamental knowledge needed for the future technological advances. Many students currently graduate high school with a small background in STEM related classes. Because of this, students are unaware nor will become interested in going to college for a STEM related major. An estimate of roughly 39% from the class of 2013 took high school physics before graduating [AIP, website]. If students are shown how interesting something might be they tend to not show interest later on. Emerging innovations like being able to travel to the moon, as well as the Mars Rover all involve the knowledge of physics. As the need for more engineers and scientists are growing; STEM related classes will be more valuable than

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