The Discovery Of Gold By Francisco Lopez Essay

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California became part of the Mexican republic. Mexico Liberalized trade and immigration policies, and thereafter the number of foreigners entering the province increased. Hundreds of new comers stayed, becoming the vanguard of the later invasion of California. About 1500 Anglos reached California between 1843 and 1846. They mixed less readily and there was less intermarriage. Not surprisingly, the Texas adventure affected Mexican attitudes towards immigrating Anglos. Anglo-American trade with Asia increased, and the ports of California became even more valuable. Moreover the discovery of gold by Francisco Lopez in 1842 at the San Feliciano Canyon in southern California attested to the mineral wealth of the territory. In 1835n President Andrew Jackson authorized his diplomatic agent to Mexico to offer just a little amount of money for San Francisco Bay and the Northern part of Alta California; and to add to the insult they were trying to bribe to Mexican authorities.
Americans appetite for expansion was most clearly at work in Texas. The Spanish had been less successful in colonizing Arizona and Texas than in New Mexico and Florida. In some regions the Spanish monarchy awarded huge land grants to a few ex-soldiers and colonists, who turned the grants into profitable cattle ranches. This showed to work in California, but it was not the case in Texas. By 1830 the total population in Texas was about 20,000: the area was huge and nearly unsettled. Half of the state was still…

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