The Discourse Of A Discourse Community Essay

2371 Words Oct 31st, 2016 10 Pages
Sergio Vargas
Professor Michael Buckhoff
English 107
9 October 2016

Entering Discourse Communities
On this project I will be comparing discourse communities. A discourse community is a group that have the same goals or purposes, in this case I will be comparing the SB Sun newspaper readers to a first year composition class. The discourse communities are different in some things like; race, age, and class. I will be reading articles on the SB Sun and choosing three of them for my project. After reading for the past few days the Editorial Articles on the San Bernardino Sun I have closed in on my main topics which are terrorism and marijuana. The Editorial Board clearly states their position on the topic and leaves you with the question, “do I agree or disagree with The Editorial Board?” This project has 3 main sections; One, Summarize the editors article and at the same time clearly state my position on the article; Second section, I will write a letter to the editor, and third section, I would reflect on the first two parts of my assignment. My first article, Differing ways to approach marijuana by The Editorial Board, published on October 8th 2016 commences talking about two cities considering easing up on marijuana policies. San Bernardino County is sticking to their ground and affirmed their opposition to the drug. Although the board already made it clear that they want absolutely nothing to do with marijuana, The Editors state, “We encourage the board to keep an…

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