The Discipline Of Studies Sometime Essay examples

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The discipline of studies sometime takes courses because of how effective it has in the community and because history has allowed scholars to reconstruct the concept of Africana World Studies. According to John Clarke, he describes through Saunders Redding, theory on how history has played a major part in the academic perspective on Black Studies. A history first distorted when the Europeans first travel and kidnapped thousands of African for enslavement. The study was to revamp the studies for Black Studies and to focus on the long historical roots that many western societies used to justify the enslavement and colonial system to do. As students, we first are introducing to World History. A history that fully distortion to benefit their views and beliefs.

Because we have acknowledged the false true of western history, it has allowed many scholars such as DuBois and Woodson, who through the years studied the identities of the African culture and used the same literature to rewrite a more positive understanding of the Black Studied academic discipline. Clarke does understand that black writers are the true inspiration of the movement. They are the protectors of the heritage that we seek to understand and restore what slavery take from us. Dubois and Woodson refocused the history of black to give them opportunities to change. They created a movement that as allowed many to branch out, men and women in bringing educational, health, political and economy growth back to the…

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