The Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy Essay

1190 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
The disadvantages of nuclear energy are; national risk, environment problems and negative effect one human life. The first reasons why nuclear energy is a disadvantage for people is that it poses a national risk. There are many factors in life that may cause national risk. One of big factors which can play a big part in national risk. Nuclear products many factors to make life better, but people also use it to produce many dangerous materials; for example, weapons that are a threat to human life (no, 2010). This Means nuclear product to help, but people or to be specifically governments may use in bad ways. Nuclear causes a politics problems, accident, and nuclear weapons. First, political today are very complex, and affect our lives very much. If a country have a weak politics, it may also have a weak economy. For example, Iran as an example, Iran started a nuclear program in 2002, and it’s suffered greatly from sanctions. In 2015, Iran had dealt with members of the UN Security Council’s the (P5+1) because it could not endure the sanctions. After the deal Iran receives 150 billion dollars cash benefits and ability to increase the future production (Anthony, 2015). After Iran stope exporting nuclear energy to make nuclear weapons help Iran to improve the economy. Once Iran fixes their political problems cause by nuclear energy. It is going to improve their economy, as well as quality of people live general. Iran suffered greatly from sanctions many years, and now Iran…

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