Essay about The Disabilities Act Of 1990

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The Disabilities Act of 1990 had a huge effect on not only our nation, but also on Human Resources. It gave a special kind of freedom with to people with disabilities. This act made it where a person with disabilities could not be discriminated against while trying to obtain a job anywhere in the United States of America. And to this day it still holds true. Many places have started just for people with disabilities. While other companies that have been around for years have found ways with in the workforce to accompany people with disabilities. And to this day the Act still is being enforced making sure that everyone can have the opportunity to work just like the person next to them.

Human Resource Management is a huge part of business today. It’s the department that helps us get paid and gets us the benefits. But most of all it helps stop discrimination in the workforce from employer and employees’ alike. There are many ways a person can be discriminated about; race, sex, religion, and even disabilities. Americans with disabilities is such a touchy subject to many employers. So touchy, that they try to avoid it like a plague. But what they are truly missing out on is seeing the joy and happiness someone with a disability has when they can be treated normally and have a normal job. Studies showed that 12.2 million people with disabilities do not work because of the disabilities they have. And out of the 12.2 million, 8.4 million people with disabilities wish…

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