The Digital Divide With Addiction Essay examples

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Out of the digital divide an addiction to social media is born. What does internet addiction look like? Well, think back to Jamie who had become preoccupied with her virtual community; seeking more friends, more comments on her posts and more likes on her pictures to create a euphoric feeling for herself. Jamie becomes uncomfortable when she is unable to connect to social media—Moody, restless and depressed—all signs of withdrawal. The first thing that Jamie does in the morning, once her eyes are open, is look for her smartphone and check her social media page, she goes out to lunch with her family and she sits at the restaurant checking her social media page, the last thing she does before going to bed is check his social media page again. He said “it’s no big deal that everyone does it” when his family questioned him. He minimizes the excessive time spent looking at his smartphone and he resents anyone asking him to stop it. He likes the idea that his whole digital world is right at his fingertips.
Jamie is addicted to social media. She is left feeling lonely and depressed when she does not get the desired results from her pictures and posts to social media. A research project was conducted using 301 students and “[t]he results reveal that neuroticism, loneliness and online social support seem to be positively associated with internet addiction” (Anam-ul-Malik 109).
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