Chris Mccandless Narcissism Essay

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Kellen Nee
Mr. Schwebach
English 11 
04 August 2017
 Into the Wild Report 
 In a book written by Jon Krakauer called Into the Wild, is about a young man named Chris McCandless or Alex. McCandless decided to leave his whole life behind, his savings, left his car, his family, and even his name so he could go hitchhiking around the country and reach Alaska. As intense as it may seem, the reader has the question at the end of the book that Krakauer “never satisfactorily answers the question of whether McCandless was a noble, if misguided, idealist or a reckless narcissist who brought pain to his family.” As the reader, the conclusion seems quite clear that McCandless was indeed a reckless narcissist. 
 Bringing pain to his family due to his …show more content…
Accordingly, Krakauer shows this stating “McCandless had been infatuated with London since childhood.” (44). However Krakauer goes on to state how reckless is McCandless is by saying “However, he seemed to forget they were works of fiction, constructions of the imagination that had more to do with London’s romantic sensibilities than the actuality of life in the subarctic wilderness.” (44). Once again McCandless shows he conveniently forgot that London wasn’t what McCandless was trying to be. If McCandless knew that London, who was his favorite author didn’t live like he is trying to do in the wilderness, McCandless may have come to realize that he was narcissistic and needs to head home. 
 Nonetheless, the reader viewing the tale of Chris or Alex McCandless can clearly see he is narcissistic. To gather evidence of Chris being narcissistic is not hard to find in the story. Without any trace, McCandless leaves his family, he leaves all of his belongings, he loves not seeing anyone and wants to escape, even if what he is trying to reach is far beyond his level of skill is extremely self centered. After reading into the wild, the reader gets an idea of who Chris McCandless truly was, and one of the words to come to mind for Chris is

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