Chris Mccandless Flaws In Into The Wild

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In the film “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer it follows the main actor, Chris McCandless along his path to happiness, it inspects and even explores all the accomplishments and attainment he subdues. McCandless willpower, intent ,stout- heartedness, and the want to strive and search for happiness are all inspected. That is what gives him the willpower to leave his family and his home without any remorse or any regret. McCandless represents to us as the audience that he is not only bright and intelligent, but also become ignorant at the same time some point in the movie. With all the intelligence he may have had his canniness gave him no reason to go into Alaska with his “Romantic silliness”. His pride made him make a lot of mistakes that could’ve been avoided or fixed. I do admire McCandless for all his gallantry and his very moral and sometimes ethical ideals, but at the same time I do not believe McCandless was trying to only pursuit happiness I believe he was trying to run away from his worries and escape …show more content…
If he knew anything about finding true happiness he knew it couldn't be found there at home, especially under all the conditions that he was encountering at home. He used every ingenuity given to us here on earth to find his happiness. McCandless did become very independent and very quick he accepted and listened to the advice and knowledge he was given, but he never really asked that even had to do with opinions he worked out better finding everything out for himself. Sometimes his stubbornness did lead him in the wrong direction or could have prevented many other mistakes, that was all not before he successfully accomplished what he wanted. He wanted to break free from society and what people typically did like to rely on money and people to get by, he wanted to live his own life and figure out how to survive without all those

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