The Digestive System Essay

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Tongue: The tongue is a large muscle found inside of the pigs mouth. It has a rough light colored surface that has taste buds and saliva on it. It function is to help the pig with swallowing its food by pushing it to the back of the pig’s mouth and down the esophagus. The tongue is a part of the digestive system because it aids in the digestion of food.

Saliva: The saliva is found all throughout the pigs digestive system but mainly in the mouth. It is a clear liquid that functions as a lubricant to allow food to pass from the mouth to the esophagus easier. This clear liquid is a crucial part of digestion, and it unofficially belongs to the digestive system.

Teeth: The teeth are a very important part of the digestive system that is found in the mouth embedded into the gums. The pig has three different kinds of teeth, the Canines, Incisors, and Molars. These teeth each have different more particular functions. The overall role of the teeth is to break down hard or solid foods before the enter the esophagus. Thie breakdown of food helps make sure no organs are damaged during the process of digestion.

Pharynx: The pharynx is a long tube-like structure that is part of both the respiratory and digestive system. It is found in the anterior end of the pig in between the nose and the larynx. The main function of the pharynx is to provide a passageway for the respiratory and digestive tracts.

Esophagus: The esophagus is in charge of bringing food down from the mouth and leading it…

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