The Different Between Ancient Chinese Astronomy And The Western Astronomy

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How is the different between ancient Chinese astronomy and the western
Astronomy is one of the most ancient disciplines and it can be traced back to around thousands of years ago. (Unsold et al 2001, p.6) As for the ancient Chinese astronomy and ancient western astronomy during their origin period both had a very similar purpose – fate and surviving. More specifically, when ancient human realized to observe stars by naked eyes, they all thought the stars and sky are holy; during the ancient time, surviving is the most important thing for humans so through observing the movement of moon and sun they began to make calendar for food surplus and planting.( Cicotello&Louisa 2007 ) However, along with the time going on, the usage, purposes and observing methods of astronomy has changed to be with huge differences especially in ancient Chinese astronomy and ancient western astronomy.

After the regime changing from slavery to monarchy, the beliefs and thoughts between ancient Chinese and ancient western countries were becoming different, which were both related to astronomy. For ancient Chinese, its astronomy is for supporting the governing from kings and the public regarded the king as the son of the sky, who was sent to manage the world by the sky. There was always an official observing mission existing for forecasting the future of the king and country.(IDP n.d) Because in ancient time the Chinese believed that if the country will suffer a big event there would be some…

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