The Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Methods Essay

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2.2 Type of Data Collected and Sample Size

At a basic level the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods (Eisner, 1998; Ryan & Golden, 2006) are related to the fact that a survey is mostly used to collect numerical data and / or information, statistical methods and graphs are used to analyse such data and / or information in quantitative research (Saunders et al., 2009; Van Maanen, 1983) compared to interviews in qualitative research, collecting words, explanations, opinions, pictures, videos and other non-numerical data and / or information that can be decoded, translated (Van Maanen, 1985) and categorised to try and make meaning of the phenomenon being studied (Aaker et al., 2001) .

Obtaining deeper, complete and ample data and / or information is the main focus of a qualitative researcher during data collection in order to learn as much as possible, to increase understanding and gain comprehensive knowledge about the single topic, phenomenon or experience being studied (Cazan, 2012; Salehi, & Golafshani, 2010) but because of the level of detail and depth required, a qualitative researcher can only collect data and / or information from a fewer or limited number of participants within a particular context (Thomas and Magilvy, 2011). The researcher also has the ability to look at malleable relationships, change process over a period of time during analysis of quantitative data and as such resultant findings in qualitative studies often lead to new…

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