Essay on The Differences Between Male And Female Status

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Many cultures are quite different, but when it comes to people having children, male or female, all cultures have the same opinion on having male children. Since birth, children are assigned a male or female status and it is common for people to obey social rules on their biological sex. It has been said that males are more dominant and independent and that’s why males are preferred more than females. This type of socialization cannot be changed in societies because it has already been stuck and that’s how people see it and many agree. I have my own opinion about this because, myself being a female, I dislike feeling that just because I am not a male I am not good enough.
In my culture the male always has to support the family, it is common for them to work and basically be the man of the house and make the house rules and the female has to keep the house clean, cook for the family and pick up after everyone. My family is quite different because I have two hard working parents that work every day to make our lives better. My mom still comes home from work and starts to clean and cook but not as often anymore because she now has two daughters to help out. Same goes for my dad, yeah there is days he comes home from and all he wants to do is eat and watch TV but there are also days he comes home and cuts the grass and cleans up outside because that is also his job. Weather we are male or a female we still have rules and expectation in our family and just like my sister and I…

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