Essay The Differences Between Holy War And Jihad

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The difference between Holy war and Jihad is little known to the common community. The truth is revealed when you really try to compare the two. With a little open mindedness, you will be able to see that there 's a lot more difference then you would have originally assumed. To the unaware, Jihad may mean “holy war” but this is far from the truth. In all reality, the translation is literally means “struggle” or “striving” in Arabic. It can refer to the inner struggle for a Muslim or believer to better themselves spiritually, physically and as well as spreading the Islamic word among the people. Islamic Jihad can be described in a variety of ways. A vast majority of them being peaceful. There are 3 main ways. first, Jihad is known mainly as a Muslims internal struggle to live out the Islamic faith as well as possible by the hand and tongue. This means by following the word of god given to them by Allah by the Quran through prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and correcting anything that may be incorrect from these in a peaceful manner. This also includes avoiding sins and bettering yourself and others is supported by this mean. Bettering yourself may include leaving a bad habit, introducing a new healthy habit, giving to the less fortunate, helping others, being respectful and kind and many other ways. According to the Quran, 5:32 “Righteousness is not turning your faces towards the east or the west. Righteous are those who believe in GOD, the Last Day, the angels, the scripture,…

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