Essay The Difference Between Equity And Equality

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The difference between equity and equality is that equity is about looking at inequalities in our classrooms, making changes to reflect or support the needs and strengths of various ethnic groups. While educational equality is that each student is being handed the same test with the same material at the same time. Equity is a mindset because it involves looking and notices inequalities in the classroom and choosing not to ignore them. One way that I will ensure equity in my classroom is by specifically getting to know each of my students and their ethnic backgrounds. From there, I will make the necessary changes or adjustment in my classroom curriculum, environment, and expectations to fit the specific needs of my classroom. Before this class, I thought that equality was the goal. I understand now that equality should not be the goal of the education system, but that equity should be the final goal that we aim to achieve.

To me, this quote talks about an unfortunate reality that when teachers present the history of the world, or how the world is today, they often leave out other cultural or racial groups. Since I was raised in Christian education in Zeeland and Holland, I did not come into much contact with this problem. However, I have heard the stories of others. I can see how this would be an issue in a classroom that is taught by a teacher from one culture to a classroom full of students from another. Or, even the experience that Coco had in school where she was…

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