The Diet, Weight, And Lifestyle Essay

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All across the world, people are malnourished. They over overfed, and do not get the nutrition they need to lead healthy lives. When most people think of the word “malnourished,” they think of people starving in third world countries. While that is an example of the word, it is not the only form. As the video exemplified, many people are eating too much without getting the much-needed nutrition. In this essay, I will be covering the diet, weight, and lifestyle shown in the film Overfed and Undernourished and putting the issues next to those in the article “A Third of People Worldwide Are Either Undernourished or Overweight.”
First of all, there are major health deficits to being poorly fed or overweight. “Malnutrition comes in many forms – including poor child growth and development and vulnerability to infection among those who do not get enough food, and obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer risks in people who are overweight or whose blood contains too much sugar, salt, fat or cholesterol.” (Kelland 1) This is obviously a major issue because of the problems it causes and how many people it effects. In the film, they showed us the life of a young boy, Liam, who was overweight and not properly nourished. Liam’s lifestyle is laid back. It consists chiefly of eating and being indoors. There is little to no exercise. He goes to stay with his aunt and uncle, health experts and begins a program to improve his health and lifestyle. This was a good choice because…

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