Essay The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank : Movie V.S. Play

Last week, our class viewed the Anne Frank movie, shortly after finishing reading the play. Anne Frank was and still is one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust, a dark and bleak time in human history. Many people know of her time spent in the “Annex”, the attic above her father’s office. But many people don’t know of her life before, or maybe even after she was arrested from the Annex. The last week, we studied the life of this young girl in form of both film and theater, and while both gave an inspirational, while solem message, there were some major and minor differences that resulted in one giving, in my opinion, a more powerful message, but you will learn that in due time. For now, I’ll reflect on the differences that made these two adaptations of Anne Frank’s life unalike, and some key points in her life and story that both had.

The first major similarity is obvious. Both adaptations are about Anne Frank. But to this similarity, there is also a dissimilarity. While the play focuses on Anne’s views and thoughts and in fact has some dialogue that is her direct words, the movie contained very little of that sort of thing, if any. Another difference is that while the play explores the disputes within the Annex, the movie includes the struggles of Miep and Mr. Kraler as they work to keep the Annex’s residents secret. But a similarity is the disputes that went on inside the Annex. Peter and Anne’s friendship, Mr. and Mrs.…

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