The Diary Of Anne Frank Film Analysis

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As Anne Frank once said, “Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again,” applies to the screenplay “The Diary of Anne Frank” by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett because of the moral that is conveyed to us by the author. The “Diary of Anne Frank” is about a Jewish thirteen-year-old girl named Anne Frank who goes into hiding with her family and family friends whose names are Mr. Frank, Mrs. Frank, Margot, Mr. Van Dann, Mrs. Van Dann, Peter and Mr. Dussel. Both the families, the Frank’s and the Van Dann’s go into hiding in the annex to escape from the Nazi’s in WWII. After some time of living in the annex, their helpers Miep and Mr. Krawler secretly supply the families with food and materials needed for living while in the annex. Mr. Dussel a dentist is brought into the annex by Mr. Krawler because Mr. Dussel is a Jew and is seeking for a place to hide so, he is brought into the annex where both the families live. …show more content…
“You know the way I’m going to think of it here? I’m going to think of it as a boarding house. A very peculiar summer boarding house, like the one we…..” (1.2.519). This evidence supports the theme because it shows Anne Frank’s positivity even though she has to live in a small room. Anne has hope that she’ll like living in a small room called the annex even though she has to spend her life in hiding. The quote “You know we’re going forget how to dance….. When we get out we won’t remember a thing.”(1.3.522). This supports the theme because Anne has the hope of getting out of the Annex, and being free again. Anne is hopeful, and she does not want to give up on her activity that makes her happy. This evidence clearly prove that the theme is having hope no matter the struggles because of the way Anne and the families are

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