The Devil In The White City Burnham Character Analysis

Take Home Exam No.2 The Devil in The White City, by Erik Larson , is a wonderful deception of Chicago in the late nineteenth century. Larson writes the book in the style of a novel but it is a historical non-fiction. Larson follows the journey of two contrasting characters.Daniel Brougham an architect from Chicago that oversee’s all of building of the Worlds Fair of 1893. The other is H.H. Holmes, the psychotic serial killer works out of his own home. On the surface, the two characters seem contrasting in every way imaginable there are glaring similarities between the two characters. Daniel Hudson Burnham was born in Henderson, New York on September 4th 1846. Before he opened his own architecture firm, Burnham had high hopes of learning the trade at prestigious an Ivy League school such as Harvard, Yale, or Colombia. (pg. 19)Shortly after applying, one by one of his dream schools turned him away. After the denial letters, Burnham refused to give up on his dreams. In 1868 Burnham landed a job as a draftsman Loring and Jenny. In his first week of his new job, Burnham wrote …show more content…
He worn the denials like a chip on his shoulder throughout his entire career. The denial fueled him to becoming one of the most important architects in American history. His drive, hard work, and determination really defined who Daniel Burnham was. His denials always stuck in the back of his mind. Once he was appointed as head architect of the Worlds Fair, he felt pressure to make this the single greatest event in the history of the world. He was always self conscious of the fair living up to it’s predecessor in Paris. Burnham wanted the Chicago fair to destroy all of the attendance and finical records of the Paris fair. His personal need for the fair to be better than the previous could come off as insecure or self-conscious. It could also be viewed as driven, perfectionistic, or even desperate for

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