The Development Of The Railway Networks Helped Bring On The Growth Of Seaside Resorts

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“The development of the railway networks helped bring about the growth of seaside resorts during the latter half of the nineteenth century in Europe and the USA, and this growth can be seen as the result of a partnership between the public and private sectors” (Fletcher, et al., 2013). Here Fletcher explains how the origins of a destination, such as Southport, began due to the relationships between the public and private sector companies.
Like any tourist destination, in order to be successful public and private sector companies must work together to enhance the brands image and the destinations success (Kylanena, 2012). In terms of Southport this could be something as simple as the link between a private, independent hotel being advertised in the public sector organisation website of Visit Southport or an organisation which works to help all members of the business community come together to provide an attractive product. One such organisation is Southport BID. Southport BID is an independent organisation that represents more than 900 businesses in Southport town centre (Southport Business Improvement District, n.d.). This recently set up group has, by investing money raised from sponsorship and funding events, increased the average footfall by 3% into Southport since October 2014. On the organisations website it states that it has thus managed to “enhance the marketing of the town centre as a premier coastal resort” (Southport Business Improvement District, n.d.). This…

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