The Development Of The Foster Care System Essay

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In 2011, Statistics Canada reported that in Alberta, 5,500 children were in foster care, 1,145 of these children were aged 14-19 (Statistics Canada, 2011). Once these young persons reach the age of 18 they age out of the foster care system. Aging out of the system refers to the transition out of the foster care system when they reach the legal age at which the majority of other youth leave their homes in pursuance of independent living (Lee & Berrick, 2014, p.78). However, not only do the circumstances and levels of readiness vary between youth from stable families and youth in the foster-care system, they are also very different in their future opportunities and their means and resources they have to pursue them. Transitioning into adulthood and independent living is not a natural process; the transition requires intensive preparation, planning and support. In addition to coping with difficult past experiences and overcoming the challenges of living in the foster care system, young persons are also tasked with transitioning into adulthood as functional and independent individuals despite feelings of anxiety, unpreparedness and limited systems of support and resources. Many young persons leaving the foster-care system lack the knowledge and skills required to successfully navigate living independently. Consequently, there is an immediate need for the development of a comprehensive program that will educate and equip young persons with practical life skills and knowledge that…

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