The Development Of National Education Essay examples

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After the ceasing of World War II, with the rise of developing countries and its economy growing, education also made great achievements in the developing world and education has played a great role in promoting economic development. However, in the process of education development in the developing world, there are a series of problems and these problems hindered the development of national education and the further development of social economy [1]. As a result, developing country, especially China and African countries governments need to take corresponding countermeasures to solve them.
In the view of challenges the developing countries education encountered, the main problems of education in developing countries mainly exist in the following six aspects [2].

First, Cost of public education is growing fast but per capita level is still low. In the past few decades, education has made great development in the developing world [3]. From the education investment, many developing countries in national income and the national budget, used in the proportion of education spending are rising fast. In the '60’s and 70’s, Asian countries increased by 3 times on education budget, expenditure for education in Africa and China more than doubled. In fact, education in the 60’s and 70’s increases in cost of government on any other sectors of the economy the growth in spending. To the early 90’s, many developing countries education funds in the budget has reached 15% ~ 27% of the…

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