Wealth Gap Between People

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For the beginning of humans’ life, money is a significant tool between humans. The money helps people to measure the values and to trade the products. The product can be visible such as food or it can be invisible such as services. This concept of money helps people to be more organized in their life issues. By using money as a tool for buying and selling that create a status for each person. Then, people become greedy for having money that make some people wealthy and poor too. People divided into classes based on their income such as low class, medium class, and high class. This division has gotten a name, which is Economy. After human live started to develop more and more that creates a wealth gap between people. The wealth gap is dangerous …show more content…
This reason was so clear especially in two sources of making money, which are real estate and stock market. Those sources are more popular sources over the world for investing money. People who are trying to get reach trend to invest their money by stock market and real state. When people started to invest on them, the wealth gap increase in the US. People got wealthy by owning houses or lands; on the other hand, people got poor by owning them (Keister & Moller, 2000). For instance, when the real estate is getting high price people whose houses and lands are getting rich. That was the main cause for creating wealth gap, but it was more suitable and less bothered in changing. The benefit of real estate is not only for people who buy a lot of houses and lands but also people who own a primary house. In 1980s, the significant reason, which played role in being wealthy or causing the wealth gap in the United States, was the main residence (Keister & Moller, 2000). Subsequently, people changed their way to invest their money when they had invested their money in the stock market. In 1990s, people tried to get more benefit by investing their saving in the stock market, for having more benefit from it (Keister & Moller, 2000). As a result of changing their investment way the stock market started to be more attractive than real estate. The wealth Americans invested their money in the stock market two years ago; …show more content…
After the wealth gap had happened, it made different quality for school. For example, tuition is great different between each school based on the qualities of schools and the ages of students. The different is neutral but the problem is not all American can afford the prices. The wealth class can have a good education without any complications; one the other hand, the med class and the low class cannot have education without loaning money from bank. Even though some people can have a scholarship, other people cannot have it. The result of the cost, some smart people whose families are poor will not be able to have a good education. Educational usually consider as a service, which are available for all people, but this idea is not true now. The gap between the wealth children and the poor children is increasing in the (Tavernise, 2014). The reason behind this inequality is the wealth families can spend both time and money for their children by visiting their school and giving them extra activates or classes such as music, sport and subject which are interesting in (Tavernise, 2014). On the other hand, the poor families cannot do as much as the wealth families because they have to make money for their children’s schools. As a result, the children of the wealth families are high successes than the children of the poor

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