Essay about The Destruction Of Culture And The War On Terror

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September 11 2001, a date that will live in infamy. The United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the terrorist group known as Al Qaeda. This attack sparked a war in the Middle East with mostly America and Al Qaeda. As a result of the war, called the War on Terror, Afghanistan was left in ruins. While the war was being fought a paranoia began to rise, similar to the Red Scare of Communism, only this was called Islamophobia. Through two of the essays used for comparison they highlight manufactured fear, the destruction of culture and how its absence affects the truth of history. In the first essay, “Terrorized by the War on Terror” Zbigniew Brzezinski gives his opinion on how the citizens of America reacted to the “War on Terror” through media and the government. In contrast though the second essay, “The Destruction of Culture”, Chris Hedges repeats the hidden truth of events after or during war.
Fear is a dangerous emotion to carry. Fear creates worry, worry creates paranoia and with a population as big as America, paranoia drove a war on for over ten years. Brzezinski was a former National Secretary Advisor to President Jimmy Carter who was a part of the board who decided the details of the “War on Terror”. He began the article with the three word phrase which ultimately crippled America. “[the War on Terror] stimulated the emergence of a culture of fear. Fear obscures reason, intensifies emotions and makes it easier for demagogic politicians to mobilize…

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