The Depression And Persistent Depressive Disorder Essay

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Susanna Kaysen in Girl, Interrupted, John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, and my grandmother Ida Starobin, all suffer from a different form of a mental disorder. Susanna Kaysen, at the time, is an eighteen year old with borderline personality disorder who is sent to a mental hospital in the 1960’s. John Nash is a brilliant mathematician who suffered from delusions and schizophrenia. His failure to see the truth almost cost him his family along with his job. My grandmother never received any help or treatment in dealing with the trauma she experienced during the Holocaust. Most of her adult life she suffered from major depression and persistent depressive disorder. Although these individuals suffer from different disorders, each of them understands the importance of evaluating their symptoms, coming up with the correct diagnosis, and which treatment can help the most in order to function in society. In Girl, Interrupted, Susanna Kaysen is sitting in the office of a new therapist that she has never seen before for what seems like only a few minutes. Before she can comprehend what is happening, she is whisked away in a taxi to McLean Hospital where she signs herself in. She will spend the next two years in McLean trying to overcome her disorder. She is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and depression. Her symptoms can range from depersonalization, suicidal thoughts and an attempt, having problems with patterns, finding no meaning in the faces of people around…

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