Schizophrenia In The Film 'A Beautiful Mind'

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1) “Schizophrenia” is the psychological disorder illustrated in this film about a person named, John Forbes Nash. The film, a Beautiful Mind, is about a real life mathematician, Nash, who suffered from a severe disease. He had paranoid Schizophrenia, a mental illness that is unknown to him. His mind was filled with hallucinations, he had some disorganized speech or behavior. Indeed, he met the criteria for ‘abnormal’.
2) Nash imagined a person, named Parcher, who used to stalk him asking for help. When Rosen, the psychiatrist, admitted him to the hospital for diagnosis, he asks Nash to describe him the person he hallucinates. At a moment, Nash cuts his wrist to show the psychiatrist something that Parcher inserted in his body. This shows that

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