John Nash Schizophrenia Analysis

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Describe the character's diagnosis in terms of the DSM-IV. Make sure to include two (2) criteria that the character meets.

In the movie beautiful mind, John Nash, the main character suffers from delusional schizophrenia. These portray various symptoms of his disease. John Nash believes he's a secret agent who works for the federal government. While doing this duty, he believes people are after him. John Nash experiences these hallucinations all throughout college while attending Princeton university. Throughout this film John Nash has many hallucinations that he has this roommate, but in reality, this person never even existed. It reveals that through his time at college he only occupied his single dorm by his self the entire time he attended
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Which is considered a mental illness. Many people who have this disorder have intermitted and disorderly thinking followed by language and behavior included under this disorder. Many people who suffer from schizophrenia are variously referred to as "split minded" ones who suffer from this experience normal behavior, but only momentarily, then are soon disturbed in other areas this is when schizophrenia starts to occur or take place. These symptoms invade complex and persuasive delusions these persecutory delusions seems very real to those who suffer from this mental illness. In this film John Nash firmly believes the newspaper was sending him secret classified codes and messages. This disorder allowed him to predict false perceptions through his …show more content…
Describe two (2) factors would lead prisoners to attribute guard brutality to the guards 'disposition or character, rather than to the situation.

The two main elements leading to the guard brutality is expected behavior they show or display as part of their job as a guard. Even if the situation calls for no brutality they still intended on being violent because of the powerful position they hold. Another factor is excessive cruelty that the guards continuously display throughout the slideshow. These guards were violent for no apparent reason. The behavior they showed was all because they felt they had the ability to do so because of their position.

Was it ethical to conduct this study? Provide two (2) reasons to support your position.

Yes, I believe so, it was unethical to perform such a study. It wasn’t exactly fair to trade the suffering experienced by the prisoners for the knowledge gained by the experiment because these violate laws, these people were tortured and even suffered so much even after such trial has

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