The Delivery Of Products For Customers Essay

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The delivery of products to customers, and its availability in a timely manner, has made a difference among companies, making the final consumer prefer one product over another. In the past, the supply chain was considered a support department, where talent had a functional role based on the technical skill of the areas of transportation, storage, inventory management and production planning.
Today, in a competitive environment, where the added value you can get the client is highly appreciated, companies are investing in the area of supply chain for being considered a strategic partner, an active part of the operation, together with departments as marketing and advertising. You are immersed in an environment of rapid and dynamic changes derived from the needs of business and retail environments (local or global), the supply chain has become a complex operation that requires talent. Recently Indian Air Force Industry was requested to increment it’s production by 50% of overhauling fighter aircrafts. This involved orchestrating for supplemental manpower, implements and spares. This quandary was tackled jointly by the Supply Chain and the production planning department, initially discretely and later jointly, for each stage of overhaul. The Supply Chain team brought on solutions as Sohoni said, “It was realized that an out of the box thinking and a non-conformist solution was required to get an answer to the problem of line balancing. While there are standard methods of…

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