Essay about The Delivery Of Healthcare : A Complex And Intricate System

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The delivery of healthcare is a complex and intricate system with numerous stakeholders involved with different expectations. There is no perfect system and the current system has been under reinvention or recreation through the efforts of healthcare reform. Programs and reinventions such as The Affordable Care Act, patient and quality initiative programs, the changing of reimbursement, various efforts from organizations and foundations researching and studying what is in the best interest for all the stakeholders involved, the need and questioning of how to provide the best optimal care at a cost saving rate with surplus profits for reinvestment, investigation, development and of course profit are the common discussions and concerns for all health care professionals and organizations. The social, cultural and political influences have their impact on which and how quality improvement starts and ends. The social, cultural and political influences have a great effect on risk management towards the patient and the organizations viability. The following report will go into further detail on each of these aspects-social, cultural and political and some of their effects whether positive or negative towards risk management and quality improvement when dealing with the population being served and the organizations serving them. With the combination of technology, the numerous tools/programs available, real-time research and access, evidence based practices known and…

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