Essay on The Dehumanization Of Jews By Hitler And The Nazi Regime

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The Dehumanization of Jews by Hitler and the Nazi Regime Hitler and his Nazi regime used effective tactics to dehumanize and degrade the Jewish people, and reduced them to nothing but small beings that they could then rid themselves of. Some of these tactics were small, and some of the tactics were large. No matter the size, all of these tactics were completely inhumane and horrifying. Sadly, they also all took place in the book Night, by Elie Wiesel. His memoir can attest to how dehumanization occurred, and how it helped Hitler achieve his goal; The Final Solution. In this essay I will explain how Hitler used dehumanizing tactics such as identifying inmates with numbers, becoming physically abusive towards the Jews, and ridding them of their individuality so that he could reach his ends in preforming a mass genocide against the Jewish culture. As the story begins, Elie explains how the world around him beings to change for the worse. In the small town of Sighet, Romania, stories told by a foreign traveler start to spread about Hitler and the horrible treatment that was endured, "They were forced to dig huge trenches. When they finished their work, the men from the Gestapo began theirs. Without passion or haste, they shot their prisoners, who were forced to approach the trench on by one." (6) Unfortunately, the first hand accounts were not enough to wake the people of Sighet from their sleepy and laid back environment. This happened often throughout Europe, as many…

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