Essay about The Definitive Drucker, By Elizabeth Haas Edersheim

1449 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
The world has definitely changed over the years, and especially in business since the early years of Peter Drucker. But the changes in the business world were inevitable, and Peter had already started coming up with ways to get ready for these changes. His knowledge and insight on the functions of organizations and management was truly ahead of his time. In the book, The Definitive Drucker, by Elizabeth Haas Edersheim, Drucker had many great ideas about the business world, and how it could be improved. The ideas from the Drucker that not only stood out to me, but also that I could relate to were leadership, and collaboration. Leadership is pivotal to any organizations success or failure, and within leadership you must be aware of the personality of everyone in the workplace. With knowing personalities and how they work, then you can make the best decision for not only the company, but also the worker. Collaboration as well as leadership is important to the organization’s success. Constant communication within the workplace is a key to collaboration, also having the correct skills for the job. Not only do these concepts relate to the business world, but I can also use these to get a feel for how I am doing in my own life. Using these concepts can help me not only see how I am doing, but also grow into a better person.
Leadership is a crucial factor in any organization. Anytime I think of a leader in the business world I automatically think of a CEO, with regards…

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