Quoting Psalms 115: The Definition Of Sovereignty

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Definition of Sovereignty Sovereignty can be easily defined by quoting Psalms 115:3 “Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him”. This can be put in another way “There is absolutely nothing that happens in the universe that is outside of God’s influence and authority. As King of kings and Lord of lords, God has no limitations.” Basically, this means that since God created the universe he is sovereign over all of his creation. Being sovereign “means being the ultimate source of all power, authority, and everything that exists. Only God can make those claims; therefore, it’s God’s sovereignty that makes Him superior to all other gods and makes Him, and Him alone, worthy of worship.” God should be the source of our worship nothing else, because God, and …show more content…
Nothing else can be sovereign because that would mean that something else has “supreme power or authority” over God. Since God 's sovereign “nothing will ever come into your life that He does not either decree or allow.” God is all-knowing and He knows what is happening in here on Earth. If some tragedy happens then God either wanted it to happen or allow and it is the job of the Christian to reply to the tragedy with faith and obedience in God. “For we who have been adopted as his children, God is not just a sovereign king who rules over his kingdom; he is also our good and loving Father who does all things holy, right, and true.” God is good and He loves us beyond our wildest imagination. “Even when we don’t understand what is happening, we can trust that God’s plan is good because he is good. He is making us holy and will use every

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