The Definition Of Public Conformity Essay

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1. The definition of informational influence is “influence that produces conformity when a person believes others are correct in their judgments.” (p. 271).
The definition of normative influence is “influence that produces conformity when a person fears the negative social consequences of appearing deviant.” (p. 271).
The definition of private conformity is “the change of beliefs that occurs when a person privately accepts the position taken by others.” (p. 273).
The definition of public conformity is “a superficial change in overt behavior without a corresponding change of opinion that is produced by real or imagined group pressure.” (p. 273).

2. a) Late last year around this time I traveled to San Diego, California to attend the Marine Corps military ball with my fiancé. I come from a very small town in a rural area and did not have much previous experience with formal attire, diners, or parties. Although I had a general idea on how to act formally, I did research and asked other military spouses what to expect, wear, and how to present myself. Upon arrival to the hotel where the ball was held I found myself growing more and more anxious until I was capable of walking inside and look around at everyone else there. After being able to scan the room and look to other military spouses for help and a better idea on how to navigate such a foreign place for me I eventually was able to act like I knew what I was doing just by watching the people around me. With this…

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