The Definition Of Popular Culture Essay

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The term ‘popular culture’ refers to a culture built on what the general public desires opposed to the elite class that usually have the control. This applies to things within society such as music, food, fashion, even religion. Whether someone considers themselves to be religious or not, it affects their life in numerous ways. If someone is religious, they most likely participate in religious rituals, practices and makes life decisions with their faith in mind. On the contrary, if someone is not religious they may not do any of the above, but chances are they know someone who is and are educated to some degree on at least one religion. It is relevant in today’s society whether we want to accept it or not. As David Chidester argues, religion is not only the belief in a God and going to church, the concept can be applied to international companies, solely based on the way it affects mass communities based on popular culture. It seems like a farfetched argument, however, if argued and applied correctly, it makes perfect sense within today’s society. Even though David Chidester’s broad definition of religion does not captivate all that it represents, his examples of the church of baseball, the fetish of Coca-Cola, and the potlatch of Rock n’ Roll, all offer a fair explanation of how popular culture functions like a religion.
Chidester uses the beloved sport of Baseball to make his first argument. He attempts to demonstrate how the American obsession with baseball could be…

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