Exemplification Essay: Religion In Life In Young Goodman Brown

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Alee Beheshtaein M, W 3-5 11 November, 2016
Religion in life
Religion has affected most of the people’s lives around the world for hundreds of thousands of years, directly or indirectly. People, who let religion into their lives, start to follow a variety of behavioral and social guidelines that the religion sets for them. People can get caught up with religion through a very deep emotional level, that their religion will control their lives.
The City of Churches is about a young girl named Cecilia, who has just moved to a new city to start a rental car business. The moment she starts to go around the city with Mr. Phillips, she realizes that there are no other buildings in the city except churches. All the people are living in the
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He sees his closest friends, and people who he knew for many years as true Christians, and even his own wife to be devil worshipers. He also learns that his father and grandfather were also terrible people, who burned and tormented innocent Native Americans and their villages. Although it is not clear that all he saw in the forest was real, or just a dream, he spends the rest of his life not trusting anyone, not even his wife. By the clues in the story about appearing the Devil himself and his weird walking stick, one might argue that Young Goodman Brown was indeed dreaming; that is if they do not believe in supernatural. A true believer in god also believes in the Devil, and the possibility of the entire story to be absolutely …show more content…
Goodman Brown goes into the gloomy forest to find out that his religious teacher, the respected minister and almost everyone he knew as true men of god, are devil worshipers. He tries his best to resist them, but when he sees his own beloved wife is also aligned with the devil he cries, “My faith is gone” (“Young Goodman Brown” Page.3.) This incident affects him in such a way that ever since that day he loses his faith in people, and starts to look at everyone differently. He does not trust anyone to the day he

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