The Definition Of Leadership From Merriam Webster Essay

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Mohandas Gandhi
The definition of leadership from Merriam-Webster is the power or ability to lead other people. After looking at this definition and trying to figure out if this definition fit, it didn’t quite fit who he was. Searching for the right definition of a leader, I came across moral leadership. The definition describes a moral leader is someone who aims to serve, tend to better others, a person who can be trusted, and a person who has deep morals and a sense of core ethics. There was a shy young boy, who was not courageous that paved the way in history all the way till today. Growing up as a young boy Gandhi would not be able to speak to anyone and would run home from school. This young boy I am referring to is Mohandas Gandhi, who became a leader of non-violent civil disobedience that changed the world. Throughout the 20th century, Gandhi’s life displayed discipline, honesty, spiritualism and most of all non-violence throughout his anti-war philosophy that changed the world today. This essay is to put recognition on how Gandhi’s nonviolent philosophy influence India independence and paved the way for Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.
Mohandas Gandhi studied law at the University of London. He moved to South Africa where he worked in an Indian firm. After living there for a couple of years he experienced discrimination of segregation by race. The one incident where he was thrown off a train because he would not move to the back of the train. This was only…

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