The Decline Of The Roman Empire Essay

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In 476 C.E., the Roman Empire collapsed due to barbarians establishing their kingdoms on Roman territory. The Roman Empire expanded so largely that it was difficult to rule the land, causing lack of communication throughout the land, in addition to internal conflict. The once Roman Empire split into 2 parts: Eastern and Western Europe. Between 476 and 1200 C.E. in Europe, the Eastern Empire started to slowly thrive and flourish due to the access of trading routes, whereas Western Europe undergoed chaos and more invasions, caused by the lack of political unity. The Schism of 1054 caused the churches to split, because of different beliefs of who should be the head of the church. But despite this split, Christianity remained prominent throughout the years in Europe because of Charlemagne effectively spreading Christianity to many, and Muslims continued to be common enemies of Christian Europeans because of the constant and numerous Crusades. Eastern and Western Europe undergoed several political, economic, and religious changes that occurred between 476 and 1200 C.E. that had a major impact on its history. Eastern Europe was known as the Byzantine Empire, one that would last for thousands of years. Emperor Constantine I moved the Roman capital to the East, the city of Byzantium, later called Constantinople. It was there where the Empire started to flourish because of its location. Constantinople was located in the center of many trade routes, such as the Silk Road and the…

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