The Decline Of Our Environment Essay

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The Decline of Our Environment
In the past century, the environment has continued on a steady decline and actions are urgently required to curb the effects. Environmental pollution refers to the release of chemicals that cause detrimental effects on the environment. The main contributor of environmental depletion has been humans. Studies that were conducted by Dawson (2004) indicate that environmental depletion is driven by economic and population growth and the rising energy use among other human-related factors. The environment, in response to its decline, has made various alterations to the ecosystem and those alterations are affecting the global population. However, the effects can be drastically reduced if society addresses the issue by recycling to decrease the damage to the soil, reducing CO2 emissions for better air quality, and reducing the use of pesticides to help control dangerous run-off.
Society in general has been the main contributor of environmental decline in many countries. The solutions to this predicament lie within the local, regional and international levels of society. An environmental impact in one location/country may be felt in another location/country on the other side of the world. For instance, air pollution isn’t held in place by any force so it naturally flows wherever the atmosphere pushes it. In the same sense, contaminated water can travel through rivers, streams, and through ground water to contaminate large bodies of water, even oceans,…

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