The Decline Of American Press Freedom Essay examples

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When people hear the word freedom, all kinds of definitions and perceptions come to mind. The most common definition is the given right to say and do anything. This definition is too vague and can be interpreted the wrong way, so there should be some restrictions on what people say and do. Any act that is illegal or life-threatening should never be justified when someone uses their right to freedom. However, restrictions such as censorship, political correctness, and behavioral advertising all take away the right to freedom from everyone. These restrictions are understandable and reasonable to a fault, but can go too far. Censorship and political correctness will silence people entirely and behavioral advertising invades privacy with stalking, thus taking away someone’s freedom to use the internet without judgment. Censorship, political correctness, and behavioral advertising are viewed as the enemies of freedom. If these three restrictions continue to silence and stalk society today, how can America truly believe they have the right to freedom? Anne Applebaum’s article “The Decline of American Press Freedom”, tells the story of Yale students who were unable to publish a cartoon because of how offensive the cartoon could have come across. Applebaum argues that if something is not offensive, then it should be allowed to get posted and shared. The cartoon Applebaum discusses was not believed to have offended anyone let alone be viewed as dangerous or harmful. The University…

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