Essay on The Declaration Of Independence

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When the Second Continental Congress first convened in 1775, they began to address the grievances the First Congress had submitted to King George and to which there had been no reply. They established the Continental Army and the national currency, passed acts to allow colonial ships to outfit themselves for war, opened ports to foreign trade and established local governments. By 1776 it was apparent to nearly all of the representatives that independence from England was inevitable. The 1876 Currier & Ives painting of the Committee of Five, commissioned to celebrate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence, portrays the members of the original group of delegates selected by the Second Continental Congress at work drafting the document . On June 7th the Congress appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman to a committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. Because of his previous impassioned writings, the members chose thirty three year old Jefferson to produce the original draft. In John Adam’s letter of 1822 to Timothy Pickering , he discussed the decision and Jefferson’s effort to allow Adams, much his senior, to take on the task. Adams used his own inability to get along with many of the representatives as a major factor for the much more admired Jefferson to perform the task. Upon his completion of the original draft, Jefferson submitted it to both Adams and Franklin for potential changes. Adams…

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