The Declaration Of Independence And The United States Essay

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The United States holds two crucial documents in high regard when addressing the foundation of our country. Without the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution we would unquestionably not be where we are today as a nation. While both documents are connected through a metaphysical standpoint, this does not mean they do not continue to hold many similarities such as inherent freedoms while still remaining very different from one another. These articles defined what America has become today as the building blocks of our land by giving itself freedom and defining the laws we must abide by. The history of these documents begins in July of 1776 when congress of the United States officially expressed their separation from England. Thirteen colonies aimed to be seen as sovereign states and was no longer allowing to be ruled by a tyrannical King who left little to no possibility for men to access inherent liberties. The article pointed a finger at everything the King had done to wrong his people; it was somewhat of a guideline of what not to do for the colonist to follow. It declared war with Britain in hopes of obtaining sovereignty from the nation. (US 1776) The United States Constitution is America’s salvation for not only our civil liberties but our pursuit of happiness. The document in its entirety is what allots our freedoms containing how the government is intended to be run, for and by the people, and the national rules of what you can and not do,…

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