The Declaration Of Independence And Independence Essay

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The Declaration of Independence was written because the colonies no longer wanted to be under the power of Great Britain and form of government. It gave a voice to their list of grievances. It is the document by which the 13 colonies proclaimed their independence from Great Britain. The purpose of the document was to announce the independence of the colonies to the world and list the reasons why the Revolution was legitimate. They had struggled for many years to resolve their differences so they decided the best option to take were to seek independence. By gaining their independence, the colonies would be able to operate under their rules. The Declaration of Independence played an important part in the colonies being able to seize all ties with Great Britain and served as a symbol of unity as a new country. For many years, Great Britain let the colonists govern themselves with little interference. However, in the 1760’s, Britain began to tighten its control by passing new laws that included taxing the colonies and limiting their trading with other countries. This brought major conflicts between the colonies and Great Britain. The colonies felt that they wouldn’t have fair representation from Britain and didn’t want to continue to follow their laws. However, Great Britain felt that since they supported and defended the colonies they have the right to tax and control their trade. The colonies met at the First Continental Congress that took place on September 5, 1774, to…

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