The Decision Of Allowing A Drone On Strike Essay

1640 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
The final decision of allowing a drone to strike depends on the different decisions of politicians, the colonel and the pilots make. Going down the command chain, there are various emotions and points of reasoning in order to finally come to a decision of whether to strike with the drone or not. In the movie “Eye in the Sky,” we see the political, ethical and emotional conflicts that this drone mission has brought upon to the people involved. The three groups struggle differently depending on their position in launching the drone because of a single child who sells bread in a zone that will be strongly impacted after the hit. Though one would expect the drawback of launching the drone to mainly be because of compassion and humanity, the child also brings up issues of legality, politics, pragmatic and ethic issues. The politicians need to agree to launch the drones in order for the colonel and the pilots to continue with what they need to do. The main issue the politicians worry about is how people would view the government if they give permission to the colonel. The primary concern is legality: are they allowed to enter the premises that are militia controlled? The Lieutenant General, Frank Benson, clarifies that they are not allowed to enter but the placement of the drones allow them to aim and strike without violating any legal issues. Later on, after finding no strong legal barriers for them to continue the mission, the female politician mentions that they are…

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