The Decision Making A Good Method For Disseminating Information Regarding Stakeholders

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Clampitt and Williams describes a good method for disseminating information regarding stakeholders that are not necessarily involved in the process which they referred to as decision downloading. Decision downloading has four phases that attempt to disseminate the decision and implement smoothly. First is the planning stage which seeks to understand how the employees might respond. Next is the announcement phase. Decision-makers should pick a credible person to communicate the decision, and amplify the message so it is understood. Last is the monitoring and responding phase. This is done by communication with the opinion leaders to ensure that the message delivered was the message heard. To also important to digest the announcements before responding to the concerns.
Personal Reflection
From this article I learned that it is vital to include as many of the stakeholders as possible in the decision process and it is also important to incorporate a Robust Decision Downloading process, as it was labeled in this article, to help prevent friction amongst those whom it affects. A "Robust Decision Download" must be communicated to employees by detailing how the decision was made, why it was made, alternatives considered, how it fits into the organizational mission, and how it affects the employees. This is important to leadership because it will have followers that support the new changes, are more motivated and better workers.

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