The Debate Over The Ethics Of Euthanasia Essay

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Matthew Donnelly is a middle-aged man who was consumed by skin cancer; he loved life, but wanted to die. Matthew pleaded to the doctors to end this misery, but they refused because killing a man just to put him out of his misery would be immoral. People had not considered assisted suicide until the 1990’s when a man named Jack Kevorkian sparked the idea. Jack Kevorkian, or better known as “Doctor Death” started to help ease patients out of their pain by helping to end their lives. Assisted suicide or euthanasia is the act of a physician assisting a terminally ill or physically disabled patient in ending their life. Before Kevorkian, assisted suicide had only been a thought that people were unsure of. There had not been any real movements towards making it an official right for doctors to do. Kevorkian started a national debate over the ethics of euthanasia.

Some ethics, like euthanasia are unwritten because they are opinion based, yet people always seem to find a loophole that allows them to get around the ethics.. It is easier to subvert to death when all else seems to have failed, whereas fighting to stay alive can possibly be the harder decision. It is being able to tell the difference between knowing when one has had enough, and when one should continue with the extremities of it just to prove that suicide is not a morally accepted action in today’s society. Doctors are correct in their view that making assisted suicide legal would be a bad idea. They understand that a…

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